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Book your place for the next beginners or intermedate photography workshop

covering all the main basic funtions and settings of your Bridge or DSLR camera.


                                                 New Workshops coming soon 



  PHOTOGRAPHY Level 1 :  will cover how to use or get away from the AUTO  camera settings.      

   Learn how to use the Program and Manual settings, when and how they can be used and to get a better

   understanding of the many various other functions available to use.


  PHOTOGRAPHY Level 2 : will go deeper into the more creative side of how your camera works,

   It's settings and funtions that can be used to create different effects with in the camera itself.

   Learn what are and how to, use off camera lighting such as constant, speed or strobe lighting to create

   dramatic, creative and interesting photographs.



   Learn about terms used such as Apertures, Shutter speed, ISO & Depth Of Field and Composing a shot.

  How to measure and balance natural and ambient light. What is meant by fill, bounce and reflected light

  Get a good understanding of what and how to use the off camera flash or strobe lighting whether it's in the home,

  in the studio or on location.



  PHOTOSHOP Level 1 :  Learn about the basic tools mostly used to edit your photographs.

   Understand the lay out of Photoshop menus. The workspace, the workflow and tool panels.

   Learn how to adjust exposure. What is levels, curves, contrast or to dodge & burn an image.

   How to adjust the colour or how to crop and resize your photos for the internet or printing.


  PHOTSHOP Level 2 :  This workshop gets much deeper into the editing tools that can be used to create

  and enhance images to the next level. Learn how to use layer masks, composite images or blend modes, overlays,

  cutting out, selecting or adding in items, balance light and shadows in your  images to create amazing photos.

  Learn how to create Actions, Brushes, textures and templetes. So mch more that can take your editing skill set to

  the next level.